Touch the earth lightly.

‘Touch the earth lightly’ is our genuine philosophy that stems from a deep love and respect for this magical place.


In keeping with our ethos of sustainability and environmental responsibility we have created a luxurious haven that has minimal impact on the delicate and exquisite ecosystem that hosts us. We encourage our guests to support us in our quest for sustainability.


Our camp runs almost entirely on solar power with a stand-by generator  for use in the case of emergency. We do not provide disposable water bottles but instead provide our guests with bottles to refill as and when required from our central source of drinking water.


Our camp is a seasonal camp that is completely dismantled and re-erected annually. Not only does this allow the environment to recover but it also determines what infrastructure we choose to install. Make no mistake – we have not compromised on luxury, we are simply respectful of our precious environment. And we are constantly exploring ways to improve Camp Mana without impact on the environment.


There is a safari-style for everyone. If you are looking for a corporate safari experience that has been replicated innumerable times in different locations, we are not for you. Our small, hands-on team provides real personal, old-school safaris for true lovers of wilderness. We leave a minimal environmental ‘footprint’ with our temporary camps and we firmly believe the wilderness should be kept wild and undeveloped. With exemplary hospitality, attention to detail and safety we facilitate profound wilderness experiences that will forever change your world view.

Our ethos

We aim to facilitate a genuine immersive wilderness experience while having a minimal impact on our environment. We take our guests on personal journey of discovery of themselves and of the magic of Mana Pools.


While we aim to provide an unforgettable up close and personal experience of our wild places and excellent photographic opportunities, this will only be done without intentionally interfering with or disturbing wildlife.

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