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Mana Pools is part of a UNESCO recognized world heritage site that is consistently rated amongst the best wildlife destinations in Africa. The fertile floodplains support enormous concentrations of wildlife and the area is renowned for its large numbers of elephants, buffalo lions and especially painted dogs. This is undoubtedly the best destination for a walking safari. It also has a special status amongst wildlife photographers and is arguably the best place in Africa for canoeing safaris.


CAMP MANA is situated within Mana Pools National Park on a bend in the Zambezi River with a small floodplain between the camp and the main channel. The camp is 15 km upstream of the National Park headquarters at Nyamepi.

Camp Mana - Safari Camp - Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

The camp

Camp Mana is an owner run, iconic and intimate, private 12-bed tented camp on the Zambezi River operated by Sunpath Safaris, who have more than 35 years experience in the Zambezi Valley.


Accommodation is in 2.4m (8ft) high walk-in Meru-style tents with en-suite flush toilets and hot showers. The central feature of the camp is a remarkable communal lounge and dining area with sweeping views across the Zambezi River and mountains of the northern escarpment.

Our philosophy of touching the earth lightly is immediately apparent on arrival. The camp operates almost completely on solar power, with a back-up generator for emergencies.


This seasonal camp is entirely disassembled and stored for four months every year. This ensures that we have very little impact on the environment and that the area has time to recover every year.

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Camp wildlife

We are fortunate to be situated in a particularly game-rich area of the park and it is not uncommon for more wildlife to be seen in the camp than on game drives or walks.


The wild-dog pack featured in David Attenborough’s “Dynasties” pass through our camp frequently and the iconic elephant “Boswell” is a regular visitor. Waterbuck are constantly around the camp and later in the season Eland are a constant feature. Our local lion pride walks through camp several times per month and every so often makes a kill on the edge of camp. There is an almost daily parade of elephants through the camp and they often spend time around the dining area.

While we encourage our guests to take advantage of our game activities, those who choose to remain in camp will appreciate the steady stream of wildlife passing in front and through Camp Mana.

Our team

  • Steve Bolnick

    Steve is recognized as one of southern Africa’s outstanding guides. He grew-up with a deep love for Africa and has spent the past 40 years living and guiding in southern Africa.

  • Craig Chittenden

    Founder of SUNPATH SAFARIS (Pvt.) Ltd, Craig first went into Mana Pools in 1965 with his Dad (who undertook a historic raft trip down the Zambezi in 1949). Craig began safaris into Mana Pools in 1980 with mobile camps and long haul canoe trails and has been part of the Mana ‘furniture’ ever since

  • Frank Chikosi

    Frank obtained his Zimbabwean introductory guide license before relocating to Botswana where he gained a reputation as an exceptional guide operating mobile safaris. Frank is Camp Mana's camp manager and has a great sense of humour, wonderful positive energy and organizational skills.

  • John Zvinashe

    John has worked in most of the Zimbabwean National Parks, including Hwange, Matusadona, Zambezi and Mana pools, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has a great passion and commitment to the wildlife, coupled with his quiet confidence and humour.

  • Patrick Verbraecken

    Pat fell in love with Africa 30 years ago while doing mountainbike-expeditions all over the continent. He partnered with Steve Bolnick in the documentary “Walking with elephants”. As a volunteer he is Camp Mana’s “helping hand”.

  • Debbie Montgomery

    Debbie previously worked in sales. A chance safari awakened her love for the bush and after a few more safaris she decided on a change of career to be closer to the tourism industry and the safari world. Debbie manages reservations and the booking sheets for Camp Mana.

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